Starting a Balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide

Would you love to run your own business making gorgeous balloons every day?

Do you need a little help getting to grips with running a business?

Do you want something that takes away all the guesswork or trial and error?

Something that has easy steps to follow… so you can spend more time getting paid to make those amazing balloons of yours?

It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed running a balloon business… I mean where do you even know where to start?! How do you know what will work? Sometimes learning to make the balloons is the easy bit compared to learning to set up and run a business – Am I right?! Don’t worry! You are not alone! We all started where you are now! The good news is I am here to help you!

Imagine if you had a simple manual – a guide to follow, with step-by-step explanations and clear actions you can do right now to start and grow your balloon business in next to no time? Even better, what if everything you need to know is all in one place and you get someone to hold your hand and answer all your questions…

I’m really excited to say I have exactly what you need! If you were nodding your head reading this then you are going to LOVE the Ultimate Guide. It’s ready and waiting for you right now! It’s designed to easily guide you through each step of setting up, running and starting to grow your business. No guesswork, no trial and error, and no costly mistakes – just a tried and tested blueprint for you to follow and start making money fast!


Starting a balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide.

It's an interactive eBook with video masterclasses containing all the information you need to start and grow a successful balloon business.  You also get access to a FREE monthly Q & A session with me in our VIP Facebook group where you can ask me anything you want to get your business moving forward!


Well what can I say! This was the best decision I could of made! It's really helped in every way possible to set up my business!
Emma Upton

"The Q&As are also very helpful" and let me know that the struggles I am facing is not individual to me, so it’s a great form of support that I didn’t have before.
Amelia Carpenter

I wrote it especially for you...

9 years ago I was in your shoes. Big dreams for my business and my life, but little idea how to make it happen. It actually took me 12-18 months of trial and error, sweat, and tears to even start to see a possibility of taking a full-time wage! 

Over the years, I have seen so many local balloon businesses fold in their first 18 months. Talented balloon artists, with huge potential and the biggest dreams, who just couldn’t get to grips with running a business... It was the driving force in starting the Balloon Biz Academy.  I knew I had to come up with a way to help people learn how to run a business fast.. You see most of us only have a limited time scale to get our business paying the bills before we have to go and get a "proper" job!

Absolutely amazing!  I first found Sonia on YouTube and I learnt so much from one video alone... The eBook is the Ultimate Business Bible!
Chermai Richards

In this interactive eBook I am going to show you the exact steps you need to take to start and grow a profitable and sustainable balloon business. I am going to teach you everything I wish I had known in the early days. I am going to cut out the stuff that doesn’t matter and show you the quickest and easiest way to move forward with your dreams and ambitions.


The interactive eBook is your Ultimate Guide to starting, running, and growing a balloon business ~ It’s ram-packed! Full of all the info I wish I had access to when I set out running my business! Here is just a taster of what is included:

  • What you need to get your business started – what you need to buy now and what you can buy later!
  • Everything you need to know to get your business set up and legal!
  • Building your portfolio – top tips for getting images that sell straight away… and what you should start selling first!
  • Getting your business out there – Everything you need to know about marketing and attracting local customers who are ready to buy from you.
  • Day to Day Running of your business: Systems & Processes – Taking orders, deposits, contracts, terms/conditions every system you need to get customer service sorted is explained step by step so you can get it set up and working straight away.
  • Learning to think like a business owner from day one!
  • Running your business like a CEO – How to get set up for fantastic rapid growth the quick and easy way.
I have personally found this ebook to be absolutely fantastic! It has given me so much to think about and to put into my business. I cannot wait to see where this is going to lead me. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. It is very easy to use, set out fantastically with great helpful tips and tricks of the business
Helen Parsonage


Come check out exactly what you'll learn as I walk you through the sections of the interactive eBook in this video:


Amazed by what's inside?  Well, it doesn't end there!  I am so committed to helping you really start and grow I wanted to include links to as many resources as I could.  You will also find:



FREE video masterclasses and Facebook lives on getting started with stock, Pricing, Helium and how to build a portfolio when you don’t have photos. 

  • START YOUR BIZ IN 7 DAYS ~ THE VIDEO SERIES (Instant access rather than waiting for each day to become available)
  • HELIUM 101 (Only available with the eBook)
  • MANAGING STOCK (Only available with the eBook)


Loads of links to resources across the Internet. Balloon courses, Wholesaler Accounts, Facebook Groups, Useful Blogs, Government Business Guidance and lots more... All in one place to save you time... Time you can spend fast-tracking the growth of your business!


There are so many free balloon tutorials, created by amazingly talented artists, on YouTube   I have collected together over 600 of these YouTube tutorials, teaching you how to get started making balloons. From balloon basics to advanced organics. You will find it all here organised into handy playlists to save you time searching for what you need.  Time you save = Time you can spend growing your business!


Purchasing the interactive eBook gives you access to the dedicated Facebook group where you can network and learn from other balloon business owners just like you. Once a month we have a Q & A session where you can ask me any questions to get you unstuck and moving forward in your business.

I love it! Very well put together and worth buying indeed! One of the best investments in starting my neee balloon business!
Car McClernon

The content is great! Your advice is brilliant for someone starting out!
Blue Box Balloons

I'm still working through but so far I'm loving it! Thank you so much... I love the fact that I can look at it any given time unlike training. I'm feeling really positive about my future with balloons with your help and guidance! Thank you so much!
Jemma Leigh

Starting a Balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide is
valued at £97!
But you get all this for a small one-off payment of

For less than one small order you can start growing your business fast!

Sound good?


"I wish I had gotten this guide a long time ago". I realised I have been doing almost everything wrong. Using this guide, I am now starting over
Ayo BeReal

"It will give you so much info" knowledge and things to think about. It’s a lot of info, I have read it from start to finish and now referring back to it as I need to. I would highly recommend it.
Gemma Robinson


Here are some answers to some of the most common questions but if you want to know something then please reach out and get in touch!

    • Do you have to pay a monthly subscription? No this is a one-off payment of £37 at the beginning.  The ongoing support is my free gift to you to help you grow your business.
    • How long do I have access to the eBook? This is yours to keep forever!
    • What if I can’t be online for the Q&A? No problem at all! I will email everyone to let them know the date and time of the monthly Q&A - can’t attend? Just send me your question in advance. All replays will be in the Facebook Group :)
    • Do you give refunds? I am afraid, not due to the nature of this digital product I can’t give a refund after you have accessed it but I am pretty confident you will love it :) 
    • Do you actually teach me how to make balloons in this eBook? No, I don't personally, this eBook is all about what you need to know to set up and run a business and I wanted to keep it super affordable for everyone starting a balloon business.  I do however include links to over 600 free YouTube balloon tutorial videos by amazing artists all around the world which shows you exactly what you need to know from basics to advanced designs.  There are also links to current courses across Europe and America.
    • Over time will the info get out of date? Whilst I can't update the book daily or weekly I do plan to do regular reviews and updates on the book at several points throughout the year to make sure it remains up to date.  There are lots of links within the eBook to resources on the internet.  I have no control over that content but will always strive to give you links to the best resources out there! 
    • Will you provide 1 to 1 support with this eBook?  Unfortunately for this price it really isn't possible to give you 1 to 1 support with your business.  I do of course give you 1 to 1 support in accessing the eBook and the supporting Facebook Group.  There is also a monthly group live with me where you can ask me questions about growing your business. Keep a lookout though because I do have products coming in the future to give you more support with growing your business.



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