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FREE Start Your Balloon biz in 7 days the video series

Are you just starting your balloon biz journey? Do you have so many questions whizzing around in your head right now about running a business? After all, making the balloons is the easy bit right?!

I have a gift for you!  7 videos over 7 days covering just the basics you need to know about starting a balloon business.  We are going to cover:

The possibilities / Building Strong Business foundations / Equipping Your Business / Marketing Your Business / Taking Your First Orders (The Right Way) / Preparing Your Orders / Becoming the CEO in your business

It's a FREE video course - and everything I wish someone had told me when I started out!

Starting a Balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide

Just starting out with your balloon business? Want to know the EXACT steps to take in order to get started and grow fast (the easy way)? Having spent 8 years growing my own business, and seeing too many struggle to get started running their business, I have written this eBook for you! It contains everything I wish I had known at the beginning, laid out in easy steps. (It honestly would have saved me 12-18 months of trial and error!) 

Inflate Your Income

Want to earn more money and grow your business?  This masterclass is for you!  I am going to show you exactly how I took control and created a full-time balloon business.  This masterclass is all about taking action, stepping up and being a business owner.  I am going to hold your hand as you create your business strategy to grow your balloon business and put money in the bank.

We are going to:

  • Define your business and life goals
  • Devise your yearly financial target
  • Break down big scary numbers into achievable income goals
  • Work out EXACTLY where the income will be coming from for the entire year.
  • Create an easy actionable plan to inflate your income and put money in the bank.
  • Learn how to make sure you stay on track to grow your business and inflate your income.

Balloon Tutorial - Dolly hoops

These gorgeous dolly hoop characters are going to amaze your customers!  They will make your business stand out from the local competition and have people queuing up to get in your diary! 

  • Full instruction videos
  • 3 Designs
  • Front and overhead close up film footage
  • Top tips and how-tos
  • Portfolio photos to help you start selling the designs straight away
  • FREE Facebook Group with monthly Q & A to answer all your balloon business questions.


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